Infinity does not work at my home!

I can not throw cheats for games !! he was blocking the page of aceuille and I could not go on the page of the games, I unintaller to reinstall to see if it would work better but no I can even reinstall it too! > <

I’m going to see on the forum and I even test the Beta version and it does not work too !! I do not know what to do because I love Infinity and frankly I want to find him quickly! thank you ^^

(I am French if you want to speak French but I also know English so as you want)

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There is no beta version to test. If you have one it is outdated and won’t work.

Post pictures of your problem because I’m not understanding the issue.

Try downloading the game from here :

remember to clean cache before reinstalling ( press Win+R then -> C:\users%username%\appdata\local\Infinity )
try to open infinity via admin too! and thanks for using english mon ami :slight_smile:

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