Infinity doesn't work

Windows 10 Home 64bit v1709 (creators update)
Steam games.

Infinity can’t launch game. clicked play and the play icon just spins endlessly.
tried to launch games first and tried to connect infinity to the game but it doesn’t detect my game is already running. play icon still spin endlessly.
uninstalled infinity and tried to redownload the program. downloader always failed.
after few tries, it finally reached 100% but nothing happened after the downloader is finished downloading. if i clicked on the infinity.exe again, it still redownload but nothing happens again after download finishes.
is infinity imcompatible with windows 10 creators update?

What av are you using?

iobit malware fighter. tried to turn off and install but still failed.

do you have the Default windows defender or whatever its called on?

Go to your appdate folder (Win+r type in %appdata% and enter, this will get you to the Roamin folder just simply go one folder back)
go into the local folder and delete the “daring Development” folder that is inside and try to install Infinity again

it’s turned off automatically when i installed my own AV.

okay. will try that first. thanks.

doesn’t work either there are ni daring development folder in the folder path you mentioned. i looked through locallow and roaming folder and it is not there too.

found a thread which gave me a stub version of infinity which let me use infinity without downloading/installing. it works now but not sure if i’ll get update or not. so thread can be closed now. thanks again for helping.

Infinity auto-updates so don’t worry. Mind sharing that link? I lost it :smiley:

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