Infinity fails to install

So i am trying to install infinity but every time I try to it says
"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable"
then I look for another path to look for the setup.msi its looking for but I just cant figure out whats wrong with it ?

Are you sure you aren’t talking about horizon? I haven’t seen anyone reporting having that issue with infinity before, only horizon.

First off, download and save the INFINITY tool on your desktop/PC. Make sure you also have enough free disk space available, just in case. Clear any TEMP files as well.

Only download INFINITY from WEMOD’s official webpage, which is this:

And, are you sure .NET Framework, as well as VC++ Redistributable Package is properly installed, and/or configured on your system as well, and, you don’t have any corrupt downloaded file.

If need be, grab and install .NET from Microsoft’s site, and update it to the latest version as well:

Fully reinstall and re-download INFINITY from scratch, and temporarily disable any AntiVirus software, as well as Firewall on your system.

Try to restart Infinity, and run it as an Administrator/ADMIN. The Windows Installer package/file might also be corrupt in some cases, if there are any OS issues.

What’s your base OS build ? Sometimes, network/router firewall can also cause issues.

Im on windows 10 it is infinity and ive run infinity as admin everytime i also disabled all firewalls and antivirus software.

Make sure you have .net framework 4.5 and the MS C++ redistribution 2010-2015 installed. Most of the time those get installed with other programs but not always.

Already have both of them

Maybe @Frank has a suggestion.

I would think this is to do with dependencies such as redistributables because I have the same trouble when installing new games. It tries to access things like .net framework on old hard drives when I had moved it to my SSD after upgrading from HDD to an SSD.

Double check you have the latest updates (Or at least the minimum ones) to be able to install Infinity.

im having the same problem it just fails to install