Infinity, Far Cry 5, And other plights

Some trainers, Far Cry 5 for instance, tell me to ensure that infinity is updated. Is Infinity a separate program from the wemod application? When I do a google search it just brings me back to the wemod website.

The cheats for Far Cry 5 don’t seem to be working for me, so I assume it has something to do with this “infinity” thing. I let it modify the file to bypass EAC but it still doesn’t seem to be working. I noticed in wemod that the game is listed as steam, however I have mine directly through uplay. Is that the issue?

Infinity is Wemod now. They just changed names.
I haven’t followed the thread well enough to know if the uplay version works with the steam trainer and vice versa but I believe it does since You have to open uplay anyways.

Do you get an error message?
Do you have a antivirus installed?
You give us no information to help you other than you’re using uplay version

Edit: Chris told you it works for Uplay as well in the trainer thread

Can you screenshot where Infinity is mentioned? Infinity was the name before the current version.

Make sure you are selecting the main exe and not the EAC exe. You may need to run WeMod as admin or you can find the EAC bypass and manually replace it.

It is under “Notes” It also popped up once when pressing Play. When it tells you about the EAC bypass. Now that I know Wemod IS infinity, I’m not concerned. The mods are also working now. The whole game was a mess on my D drive so I moved it to my C SSD.