Infinity for Mac?

Mac gaming is gaining popularity thanks to Steam. Any chance of us seeing a Mac version ported over from Windows? I’m sure it’d attract some people. Those that play light but fun games on Mac.

Definitely part of the long term plan. I think once we get all of the core features for Infinity out we’ll start thinking about porting it over to a Mac app. I know @Frank doesn’t want to think about that just yet :smile:

Yeah, no rush to the guys. I was just curious. I just came back for good and this is a huge change I didn’t see coming. I do recall @Frank posting about a PC tool but that must’ve been 1.5+ years ago lol.

What kind of games support OS X?

There’s a bit if you look on Steam. I personally don’t play but games like CS:GO and other Half Life games. Bioshock I think is on Mac. I have to check on Steam’s site quick. But there’s more than one would think. Portal is too.

A lot of games is on there:

Link to all OSX games on Steam

But who are gaming on OS X these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite a bit since newer Macs can actually run some good games nowadays.

Tbh i dont know anyone playing on Macs, but happy gaming to them too.

Meh I guess when you play on Mac you run into other Mac users. I mean I’m sure if Steam dedicates a section to it there has to be an audience. I’ve seen trainers for some Mac games too. Don’t get me wrong its not nearly as popular as Windows gaming. Hell people game on Linux too, lol.

How easy it is to access, read and write to other processes memory in Mac ?. I don’t know about Macs but Linux makes this incredibly hard because of root user and restrictions on inter-process communications. I heard Mac also need root.

oh geez, I really don’t know. I rarely game on Mac anymore. I used to play CSS and CS:GO on my iMac at work and such. Some Portal. Devs would have to look into it.

I hope you guys consider going full multi-plat here. Support linux as well. Valve/Steam have really been making a push to break the MS/DirectX stranglehold on the industry, especially with SteamOS and steam machines. I’m really hoping they succeed. I’m so tired of this BS that certain games only run on certain versions of windows. You’d think they would’ve taken the hint after people hacked Halo 2 to run on Windows XP when they tried to ram Vista down everyone’s throats. It’s never been the OS. It’s DirectX. When devs use OpenGL, etc you have Mac and linux support, hence that list someone posted above.

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I love how they said it was in their long term plans, years ago… it’s been what, three versions now… still no Mac support. Brilliant logic guys.

Long term doesn’t necessarily mean “within 2 years” . You can always donate them a large chunk of money that would allow them to hire someone to do the programming for them.

We said it is in the long term plan meaning it is extremely low priority. As far as I know it is still something we are considering. We have several other large updates and features that are much more important than supporting OSX.