Infinity game shortcut HELP

Okay so I’m not a IT sort of person but I know some stuff.

I pirated PAYDAY 2 and everything was going well and the cheats all worked. Then the game corrupted (as pirated versions do) and most of the game files don’t work. I deleted them all and reinstalled the game so I could get it working again. The game works fine. When I try and run Infinity it try’s to find the old version that corrupted and obviously that won’t work. I just need to be able to do the drag and drop thing again with the new versions shortcut. But I can’t find an option for this.

Any help is appreciated. Tankyou!!

You need to clear the cache. After clearing it Infinity will reset upon launch. Close Infinity, delete %appdata%/Infinity and start Infinity again.

I have made a batch file that deletes the folder and launches Infinity for you, faster and simpler.
ICC- Clear & Start Infinity.bat (1.0 KB)

Thaks. Worked like a charm

Click the settings icon in the game in Infinity. You’ll be able to add and remove your custom locations and chose your default install from there.