Infinity health cheat on Doom 2016 not working

Hi,my name is Patton and I a problem with Doom 2016 infinity health cheat.Before it’s working fine but just recently,the cheat doesn’t work anymore.Other cheats work fine only the infinity health cheat doesn’t work.

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Did the game have an update?

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Maybe.I don’t know.

So how do I know if the game is updated or not?

There was an update a few days ago to add support for Razer Chroma products. Not sure if that broke it or not.

So can you fix this problem?

Ah, might have. I’ll ask MrPrecise

My Doom 2016 cheats stopped working about a week ago. Doom was updated and since then cheats no longer function.

I hope that the Infinity Version Guard will be released soon.Because like the advertisement said,“Game updates shouldn’t break trainers”.That way,I can use cheats without any problems.Can anyone or devs tell me when will the version guard be released?

Very soob™

We do not give exact dates. It should be within the next month though. It will not fix this issue though if it is already broke.