Infinity High CPU Usage

Hi there.

Im having a big issue with infinity , no matter the game or what i doing im always having between 25 and 35% cpu ussage only on infinity, that causes my cpu to bottleneck so hard. Any solutions?. Help please.

Thanks for your time.

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What CPU and do you have hashing enabled?

Im having same issue but 50% and no i do not have hashing enabled first thing i checked :slight_smile: . Also games are having trouble loading now where before the did not any issues.

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Probably no real room to complain, as I am a free user, but yeah. Same here. It’s pretty much unusable. Good thing there’s mrantifun

What are your computer specs?

Okay. I guess we’re taking some steps. My PC is 9 years old with one actual hardware upgrade.
Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 build 17134.48
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Processor 3.00 GHz
8.00 GB Ram
GeForce GTX 960
I forgot the specifics on my motherboard, but it’s an ASUS Nvidia chipset
Again, it’s a 9-year-old rig, so nothing spectacular. I also didn’t change any settings or install new hardware prior to Infinity updating.
Let me know if you need something else.

On a side note, why was my post edited? Did I do something wrong by mentioning another trainer maker? It’s not exactly an insult if I come to Infinity first. That is, prior to the update. Apologies to the offense, though.

Your post shouldn’t have been edited. I reverted it. And no offense taken at all :slight_smile:

Thanks for the specs. If you don’t mind, it would help us tremendously if you record a performance profile of Infinity. It’s very easy to do.

Make sure Infinity is updated to the latest version (currently 4.0.9) before you do this.


  1. With Infinity focused, press Ctrl + Shift + D on your keyboard.
  2. Navigate to the Performance tab in the window that pops up.
  3. When Infinity has high CPU usage, click the Record icon (the dot on the top left). You can uncheck Memory as this won’t be needed.
  4. Let that record for about 30 seconds, then hit Stop.
  5. Click the Save Profile icon (looks like a download icon) and save the file.
  6. Send the file to me, and I’ll check it out.

Thank you!

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Looks like I am getting high usage too with a r5 1500x. ~5% at idle and 15-35% when switching between trainer pages. Sending you the file in a pm.

Or is this normal?

That’s absolutely not normal, but a handful of members reported the same thing. Hopefully it’s something simple.

Too big to upload to site so have to find some other place. Should be about 5min.


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I want to send the file to you, but how do?

Since these files are massive, you’ll have to upload them to an external site. is good (click the ... and change the type to “link” instead of email). And their name is :ok_hand:

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Worked like a charm.

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Im also having high cpu usage I have an AMD A8

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i have an amd fx-8350 ive had for about 6 months.

I am having same issue on my bone stock lenovo y50-70 laptop

I turned all game setting to minimum and turned off ALL background apps to compensate.

Hard FPS drops

So is there any information on when or how this is going to get fixed??

I m having same issue how i could reaper this ?

Hi I’m having the same problems with Infinity having crazy high CPU consumption. I’ve followed the instructions you’ve given but I’m not sure how to contact you directly so I’m hoping you’ll see this. This is my proflie link