Infinity installation error

So i am trying to install Infinity for the first time but it says a newer version is already installed so i try to delete any trace files from the old one i used like 2 years ago but for some reason even with these gone it get the error message. Any input?

First of all, you donwloaded Infinity from here right?
Btw hwat are the error messages? Could you give upload them?

Time traveling CONFIRMED!

Yes, noticed that as well.

The only error message i get is that there is a new version of Infinity installed, and yes i just noticed i meant 1 year ago since Infinity was in beta last year as well. BTW there is no version of Infinity installed as of right now and it still tells me there is

First of all, did you ever uninstall it or just deleted the shortcut?

You could head to the Start menu and select Control Panel then select Uninstall a program.
See if Infinity is on that list. If so right click then uninstall.

However if it is on the list you could check here if the .exe is there and you could run Infinity

C:\Users\ Your-User \AppData\Local\Daring Development

No it is completely uninstalled there is nothing left of it

Okey, maybe @Frank can look at this when he gets on.