Infinity is running in task manager but not opening

I am having the same issue as this post a while back: Problem with Infinity already.. :(

I only have the one monitor running 1920x1080.
NO anti-virus.
Horizon works perfectly fine.


Can you kill the process and try deleting the following file?

C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Daring Development\Infinity\Storage\Infinity.sdf

Is this your first time using Infinity?

Yes it is my first time using infinity… well I did what you said and it opened so I closed it down and try to open it again just to be sure it worked and it will not open but it seems to work when I delete that file so just do that every time?

You could make a batch file that deletes Infinity.sdf and then opens infinity afterwards.

something like:

delete Infinity.sdf

wait 1-15 sec

open infinity.exe

(these aren’t real commands, this is just an example.)

good call that didn’t even cross my mind.:sweat_smile: