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Infinity isn't detecting XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within


As in title, I am trying to run Enemy Within through the Infinity Program and every time I try I get the “We’re having trouble finding your game. Try restarting it, then press the ‘Start Game’ button again.” message. I’ve followed those instructions multiple times and still no change. Any ideas on how to fix this?


We don’t have a trainer for Enemy Within. EU is a completely different game from Enemy within


Ah, I’m guessing no one’s put in a request for an EU trainer either, then.


There is a trainer for Enemy Unknown


Apologies, I meant Enemy Within, the expansion for EU.


It’s in my list but lower down since the guy requesting it disappeared. I’ll move it up


Hope it’s still on your list :slight_smile:


Any news on a trainer for Enemy Within? or maybe a way to have the EU trainer work on EW?


Thank you for all your hard work, the Infinity trainer is amazing! Also hoping to see a trainer for Enemy Within as well, hope you are able to get around to it.


I recently started Enemy Within and realized that the EU cheats don’t work and the expansion isn’t in WeMod at all. I would also like to put my vote for this game - EW to be in WeMod as well. Is this game still on the list?


where ya vote…keen for eu xcom