Infinity Key binding error


I’m having some trouble binding a hotkey whenever I click on the binding section it switches to LGrip when I click on it I tried reinstalling it but still having the same issue

Do you have any controlling devices other than the regular keyboard and mice combo, something like a console-style controller maybe?

One thing you can try is going to %appdata% and deleting the Infinity folder. Start Infinity after that.

Do you have an HTC Vive set up by any chance?

I don’t have a Vive set up but I do have an XB360 controller set up

I will try doing that and tell you the results

I just did what you told me to do it still doing the LGrip thing whenever I click the hotkey section

@artifex_96 We just released an Infinity update that fixes the issue. Please confirm :slight_smile:

will confirm once the update is done installing , thanks a lot for your help .

Confirmed the issue have been solved