Infinity not working if target game is from Steam (any game) tested myself

Could you post a screenshot or a text document of the log.

It could be the answer to our the problem.
But frank have to look at it when he gets on.

Could you try adding Infinity to your Antivirus white list and start the program as admin. Just to see if it does anything.

Already whitelisted since day one (cuz I know what I am dealing with, plus my Bit Defender is VERY protective of my PC - sometimes I wonder why I keep it around :smiley: ) Also, tried Open as Admin as well beforehand… :frowning:

I will post a text/image asap.

Okey awesome. Btw, you have the newest version of Infinity right. Asking just in case.

v3 released just some days ago.

Either way, i have to leave the computer now.
I dont have anymore tips for the crash but i think the console log with reveal it.

Just mention @frank again so he sees this

I installed v3 when it came out. And re-installed it now for this very purpose of making sure all is fresh and up to date.

Any ideas @frank ?

This is with the lines regarding the games paths collapsed so they are all visible.

Try restarting your computer. If that works, I have a solution.

Not working. Didn’t expect it to have worked anyway.

Gonna mention that everything worked nice and dandy a while back (about two weeks) and I had a break in using it, and now all of a sudden this happened. I have another PC near this one which has the program working fine. Lemme know if I can do anything else to aid in discovering the issue/s if you will still be working on it.


Frank said that Cache won’t be an issue anymore but I do not trust words that easily and it helped me with a Trainer so use this to clear it: - ICDV2.bat -
And maybe it’ll help

Certainly a nice try, and will use that little program in the future if needed, but atm it didn’t work, so for now, infinity is kinda useless for me :frowning:

Well, idk what happened, if its the latest client update or me restarting the PC a gazillion times but Infinity is working fine now :smiley: . Thanks for the support guys :d

I’m still having issues with all of my steam games that Infinity supports. Crashes mid game(s) by random and usually tells like MafiaII.exe etc has stopped working. Is there anyway to fix this problem? I’m using the current Infinity version wich is 1.3 right? with the new UI. Hoping to hear from you soon. -Maugrim90

Mafia 2 has anticheat. Read the trainer notes

@STN Thank you for the information regarding Mafia2. What about the rest of the games like Sniper Elite 4 or Alien: Isolation? There seems to be a patch to infinity now, as im writing this reply. Could that update work on the rest of my steam games crashing by random?

The update was specifically for bypassing Black Ops 3’s anti-cheat, but it’s possible other games have the same detections.

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SE4 and AI don’t have anticheats.

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@STN and @frank Thank you bothof you, for your replies! is it possible for infinity to be updated so that it will bypass the other games possible anti-cheat detectors? Thank you again :slight_smile:

@Maugrim90 , try to do what @N1ceToMeetYou told me what to do. See if that helps :smiley:

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@Night_Hunter27 okay i will try what @N1ceToMeetYou told you :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion my friend. Im not tech savvy/english is not my main language but i’ll try to figure the advice out as far as i can.