Infinity not working

So after the last update I have been having nothing but problems. I will run infinity and after a while of playing I will pause my game and come back in an hour or so and try to pick it back up. I don’t get any error messages but the infinity program will act like it has nothing to connect to. If I press the F1 or any other key to activate a cheat it will do nothing. If I close down the game to restart it with infinity When I click the play game button it just acts like it is trying to load it with the little circle spinning but never opens the game. If I restart everything it will work great but after a while of sitting just does the same thing over. I am running both the game and infinity as administrator… I also have no firewall nor antivirus enabled when doing so as well.

What games?

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It does this with every game in my library… After a while of sitting paused it’s like it loses connection to the games…

Yeaaaah that does not answer my question

It does it with all 3 borderlands, does it with asassins creed black flag, dishonored, dishonored 2, Doom, Dying light, fallout 4, just cause 3, mafia 3, mass effect andromed, skyrim, watch dogs 2, Need I list more?

There hasn’t been a case like this before so volunteers can’t help you other than suggesting random things. Nothing wrong with the trainers so there is nothing the trainer devs can do to fix it.

@frank maybe you could help?

I was getting error messages with it but to me it was a bunch of gibberish so I started running the games in admin since the last update I no longer get the messages but it still does the same thing

And yes every single trainer works it just stops working if I pause the game for a while

How bout saving the game instead of pausing it for an hour or two ?

If I didn’t have problems with the application itself I wouldn’t be here… just saying…


I haven’t tested running Infinity for hours while playing a game. I’ll start one up now and see if I can reproduce this.

Edit 1: Game closed by itself around 50 minutes. Infinity can still run it after. Going to try again.

I’m programming and wondering what this damn sound is that keeps playing. I’m hitting hotkeys :sweat_smile:

Edit 2: I can’t reproduce this with 2 games. Is there any other info you can provide? Maybe somebody else can give it a try @testers


I have experienced something similar with Fallout 4 but I never reported it, I thought it just needed an update. It also only happened like once every day.

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Ive not had Infinity running and playing for a long while recently. But in the past i cant recall i had that kind of a problem.

Could try it out though if the problem have been added though a recent update.

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I think he was saying if he pauses the game for an hour or two then starts it back up he has the problem

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I’ve seen it once before when I left it for about 9 hours when I went to work and came home to resume it and it had stopped. Easy to fix just close infinity then restart it.

So when closing it and restarting it after the issue infinity would come up but just be a grey screen. I had an update that came through last night so I updated my desktop and viola… Problem gone, I think infinity also had another update too but I’m not sure. I dunno what the new Windows update did but it fixed the problem!

I don’t have much more info I was getting error screens some dealing with admin rights but them I started running the game and infinity in admin and the messages went away but the problem persisted, when I updated Windows yesterday the issue disappeared and I have not a clue why it did

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I haven’t had an issue leaving Infinity open all day or playing multiple games over a long span of time of about ~15 hours.

borderlands 2 doesn’t work with infinity and crashes when the keys are pressed
can anyone help?