Infinity not Working

I got Infinity so I could play with mods with games I can’t use Nexus with, my games are from Steam and the two games I usually use Infinity for are Thief and Tomb Raider. after the past few updates Infinity has not been working. I start the game and get on there, and then I open up Infinity and click play on the game, but there is no check mark by the play button, and it won;t let my turn on the mods it has. Please someone help me with it.

Which game?

Thief. And as far as I know the game is up to date. Tomb Raider seems to be working all right though.

Yeah sorry i see you mentioned them in OP, was coming home tired didn’t see them somehow.

Both trainers are up to date. Why won’t ot inject? What error does it give?

Also your antivirus isn’t interfering? Disable it and add infinity to its exception list.

Okay I will try that and see what happenes