Infinity objectives/points (issue?)

I’ve just noticed that Infinity requires a restart to show if objectives have been completed or if points have been used. Not sure if purposeful but just thought I’d say just in case.

I also noticed the same thing in new version of Infinity , but only checked cause you mentioned it :see_no_evil:

Ahh… so maybe it’s a bug? Must be…

Maybe how it was made, a detail devs didnt pay attention to focus in something else, o yea, a bug,

ps: i noticed thou, that points are given at the right time, and even appear in notification, but what it needs to restart in order to update is the “objectives” in the dashboard

Huh… But for me I need to restart to update my points, well last time I checked. Objectives still don’t update properly yeah.
You reckon they know?

Just checked points, added points to a requested trainer and it hasn’t updated on Infinity.