Infinity. Offline Mode?

hi folk. i know this is a dumb question but, why i can’t access/click the “start game” panel and stuck at “my games” panel while i goes offline? but, when i go online, everything is ok… sorry for my bad english…

because when you tell it to start a game it has to download the trainer… I think

So why can’t we get Infinity to save a cache copy of the trainers that a player wants for their game and then allow Infinity to see and use the cached copies while offline. Also the best thing to do is then to let the app, when connected to the internet, update its trainer offline cache when the program detects that there has been updates to the trainers that a user may have and then only the trainers that were updated so that we save bandwidth on your side from the otherwise excess downloading of cached trainers that don’t need to be updated which would save you money in the long run.

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It already does that, but it’ll fail if the trainer isn’t already cached.

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Happened to me yesterday. Internet went down due to bad weather and couldn’t do ant work, so I’ve decided to waste some time playing…and guess what. Didn’t get connected. Is there any way to be able to run it offline yet ?

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Don’t think so. It will ask you to LOG into the app, as well as Wemod, with the new version 2.0 of INFINITY.

IMO, we cannot activate the CHEATS while in offline mode, even though the trainer has been fully downloaded/cached. It requires an internet connection I’m afraid.

You might get the following, ERROR CODE: 0. Maybe they might allow us to use this feature in near future, but as of now, the Trainer needs an online check :

The Cheats failed to download. Check your Internet connection.

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You can use a trainer offline if you’ve played with it at least once.

I had recently been at work over night and had taken my laptop with me…while offline I tried to play the few games I have…but to no avail. I had to log in first before being allowed to play. Is there a way to log in while offline or at least have the mods we want for a game available?

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So you want to log in to an online server while offline? Yeah, that won’t happens. You will have to be connected to the internet to log in.

Trainers are downloaded the first time you use them. Some say they work offline after that, some say they don’t.

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I noticed that. All my current games don’t seem to allow while offline…any way that can be changed or is there something I can do about it?

Infinity used to work offline, but an update a few months ago changed that. This functionality will be brought back in the next major version.


Any word on this?

It’s been 5 months. Maybe, most likely yes.
How about you try it?


tried this but still seems to require a login sadly

Install wemod, run all my games online, turn my wifi off, run again in offline mode = works great. Now try turning off your PC, run wemod, all hell breaks lose. The launcher wont even finish launching just stuck in there.

I think offline mode doesn’t work after 24 hours. I installed wemod so many times already, run all the trainers and games online. Then I turn wifi off, test the trainers offline, and it works great. Now wait til the next morning, turn my pc on, start wemod. Boom! It is always get stuck in loading, your game, your rules. Trainers are used in single player games, single player games can be played offline without paying extra for the internet. Now I cant do that when wemod doesnt work offline can I? Everything went bad after the update that introduces login accounts.

Like it was said before probably because you turn your computer off like any other program when you shut your computer off it ends the program. Same with wemod it ends

Yeah but were talking about offline mode in wemod, what are trainers for if not used in single player games?

Wemod works offline without internet as long as you run the trainers first time already. But after 24 hours or so it doesn’t work anymore.

Yes trainers are only made for single player games
I dont play online either only play myself
But have internet connected
Never play online kids ruined that when borderlands came out