Infinity only open when i delete Infinity.sdf


My Infinity only open after i delete Infinity.sdf file in /Storage/.
I restarted my computer, no anti-virus and no firewall, im running in adm mode. Still not running.
Im tired to try to fix. Can anyone help me?

W10 64Bits.

Sorry my english.


Kindly try to re-install and download INFINITY from scratch.

First off, remove the previous installed version, via the Windows Control Panel settings, under “Programs and features.

After that do a CLEAN reinstall of this tool. If using Windows 10 OS, kindly disable automatic updates, for the time being.

Once again make sure NO AntiVirus is enabled, including AVAST as well as Windows DEFENDER. Turn off the real time protection of “defender”.

Sometimes just disabling any AV software doesn’t help much, so completely turn OFF and uninstall any Antivirus, as well as firewall, or better yet, create an exception for the entire INFINITY folder.

What’s the status of the User Account Control setting/UAC on your system ?

Use this ‘CCleaner’ tool to scan your OS for any broken/corrupt registry entries as well, if need be. After that, try reinstalling INFINITY:


Btw, I’ve never experienced such an issue with Infinity, but some have reported that this method works, so nothing to worry too much about this problem. Though, I will get back to you soon, once I dig more into the tool’s code.

i tried, not sucess…
My UAC are disabled. idk what to do =/

Not sure i understand the problem here.

My Infinity only open after i delete Infinity.sdf file in /Storage/.

So what’s the issue if infinity opens?

Nothing, the process is suspended(in task manager).

No error, no message, only suspended.

Try following the steps in this thread, see if that helps.

I can make a batch file that deletes the sdf file and starts infinity if you want me to.

Why do we need a batch file, when we can easily do this manually, and the OP doesn’t want this to happen ??

The fact that deleting the .sdf file starts the tool, but suspends it instead, points out an issue elsewhere.

The OP doesn’t want to delete this .sdf file every time he/she launches the Infinity tool, in the first place. Deleting this file, isn’t a solution to start INFINITY tool, each time you run it.

Nope. A Batch file can easily be created for this purpose, but the correct approach to solve the OP’s issue, is to find out the cause behind this issue.


Have you checked your router/modem firewall settings as well ? What happens if you completely disconnect from the INTERNET, and start Infinity in Offline mode ?

Do you still have to delete the .sdf file ? Go through the link, STN gave as well. Something on your OS, is preventing the Infinity tool from starting properly, and suspending it.

Open the TASK MANAGER and check what all other processes/services are running in the background ? Use the Process explorer tool.

Disable SuperFetch, if need be. Run this command as an Administrator, via the Command Line prompt, or use services.msc.

sc config sysmain start=disabled, or, sc stop sysmain.

I tried to run disconnected, but, not sucess…
SuperFetch OFF, but, still not working. Disabled by Services.MSC

I have a notebook, with windows 10 and Kaspersky ON, and there, Infinity work fine.
I found a folder, “CrashDumps” i cant read this file, but, if u can read… may can help.

Thank you again. (7.3 MB)

You don’t NEED it but using batch files to automate windows functions saves time compared to using the explorer.