Infinity opens minimized and won't expand when clicked

i read this topic

but unlike them i dont have a restore/maximize option when i right click it, it was working fine last night when i used it. i put my pc to sleep and now it does this. i restarted the pc just about half an hour ago to try and resolve the issue. i have also reinstalled the Program after the restart and had my Avast disabled during the fresh install.

Windows 10 x64
also is this how infinity is supposed to look on windows 10?

ok i had managed to fix it, i think. by toggling tablet mod on then using task viewer to switch to it then turning tablet mode off found tablet mode through that link /

Upon playing a game for about 15 minutes the program refuses to maximize again and has even turned it’s cheats off.
also, i can no longer enable cheats as they turn off when i return to the game, the program also refuses to accept keystrokes as i can’t even change the hotkeys.

Delete the cache in appdata roaming.

Recently had this issue on Win10 and was stunned by how long it took to find such a simple answer to this annoying problem.

Wemod opens, but it appears the window has opened offscreen, but none of the usual keyboard shortcuts/file changes/etc seem to be forcing it to open, even if you force all windows to open maximized, it’s just nowhere to be found.

Turns out on Win10 if you click and drag an open program to the side of the screen, you can get it to snap in position taking up only half the screen, and it gives you the open to fill the other half of the screen with any currently open program.

For some reason this worked when all else failed.