Infinity opens off screen help

I don’t know how to fix this every time I open up the app it loads off screen and i can’t get it to pop up or move it! I’ve tried Shift+R click but no option pops up i tried that with chrome and other app the they work fine. I hover my mouse over it and it displays that the app is functioning I just can’t access it or anything alt+tab shows it’s there I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled it yet it does the same thing when I go to click on it, it minimize from off screen Help!

A dude had a similar problem not long ago. And i think the solution was to delete the cache in appdata roaming

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Try changing your screen resolution, locating infinity then moving it to center and changing resolution back?

I’m having the same issues aswell. The cache didn’t help at all.

ok after a ■■■■ ton of messing with codes in infinity’s files I have fixed it

it is doing it too me too…how do i solve this…changing resolution doesnt change a thing and it started to do this after the latest driver update.

pls help

If you have multiple monitors, disable all but one.
Also you can try clicking the Infinity logo in the taskbar to make sure it’s maximized and the active window. Press ALT+Space+M and hold down an arrow key in the direction you’d want to move it in hopes that it will move it back on screen.

I fixed it by going to AppData>Roaming>infinity>App and deleted the init file that was in there.

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Thank you!~ this helped alot

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