Infinity Points

What are they used for? The WePoints.

This topic might help.

Also, give this a read:

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going to continue this with, It says that you get 100 points for logging in and 100 points for playing a game every day. I get the login points, but not the other one or am i just interpreting it wrong?

You get the points for using cheats in Infinity.

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For at least 10 minutes.

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Ah, ok that makes sense

k, have consistently used cheats for upward of 20 min. usually god mode, and have not received the second set of points. I think its kinda glitchy in detection

WePoints can be earned through completing objectives found in Infinity.

You can spend them on requesting games to be added to Infinity. Coming soon there will be raffles for prizes like steam codes and WeMod swag!

here’s a question for you what if I wanted to spend my mod points to a game that is not so popular like plants vs zombies garden warfare mortal kombat komplete edition what about those games seriously I can’t figure that out at all.