Infinity safe files

I want to know where infinity saves his files because i would like to remove a game from my infinity. For example dark souls 3 i used the always drop feature to test things and i knew i would get banned but then i deleted that character and everything close to it but im still soft banned for it. I feel like there are still data that stops the ban to be removed. Also i dont want to uninstall infinity because i want to use it to test other ■■■■ on other games.

Infinity effects are present only when you’re running it and injected to the game. Having infinity installed does nothing or even if its running.

The files are in %appdata% and inside the roaming folder and also in local folders. I can’t give an exact location, on mobile atm but you should be able to find them

yea i realized it would be in appdata and deleted it just wanted to confirm if the existence of it in the computer left anything in The game file. So i just have to wait more until the soft ban gets removed. All right thanks for the response and thank you for all the work you do :smiley: