Infinity setup Bugged?

I am trying to download infinity, but every time I try I get a unsupported 16bit application error. Please help

@HaVoK1 What version of windows are you using?

What Steven said. Also where are you downloading from?

I have the same problem. But my setup.exe started to be unauthorized.

You have an AV?

@N1ceToMeetYou thanks you for calling me Steven & @Assassin7594 @HaVoK1 what av are you using?

You don’t like being called Michael?

@N1ceToMeetYou all you said was Steven. Lol. Either or is fine.

Yeah but you thanked me for it so I though you don’t like Michael

@N1ceToMeetYou i do like being called michael, you only called me steven before.

First name is michael. And last name stevens

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@ptondo actually Steven is my middle name.

Michael Steven Jenkins

Which version of Windows are you on? Did you install the new Windows 10 Spring Creator’s Update?

@N1ceToMeetYou no lol @frank i did pm the user & got no response yet either.