Infinity Setup for phone

Infinity is working well on my Acer laptop, but when I followed the links on my phone, I clicked on the downloads for infinity, it tells me it’s downloading, then on my menu. I select it, “Cannot open file” briefly appears on my screen.
I don’t believe it’s my antivirus or ad blockers, am I doing something wrong?

if u wish to use the infinity remote go here
"there is no physical app for phones"

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“there is no physical app for phones” - YET

There will be one for v3.


Yeah i was about to write yet as well :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt want to type that as i didnt know and didnt want to say something that might not be true thanx for the confirmation :smile:

I had a similar problem. all you need to do is download chrome on your laptop and phone as an app and do it through there it will work :slight_smile:

No, there is no install version for the remote. It is just a webpage that (allegedly) looks like an app. There are ZERO issues with installing it.

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