Infinity Suggestion

Could you possible add like a free version off the Pro exclusive app or at least a trial for the Broke among the community?

Since the remote is the primary benefit of going Pro, we have no plans to make a free version of it. There may be a trial in the future though. No promises/ETAs.

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That wouldn’t be fair to the people that paid for pro I would demand my money back and get the free one ! Lol
Just kidding I wouldn’t do that !

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It’s just 5$. I remember when i was broke as hell not too long ago and i don’t even live in US so dollar isn’t my currency - i could still manage 5 bucks easily.

Infinity is 100% free anyway though and this is the only Pro only exclusive feature - makes no sense to give it out for free. It seems the only people going Pro are the ones who support Wemod, not because they’re being forced to by withholding trainers.

So yeah don’t starve us and Go Pro :smile: .

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I’ll support some day just cause I used your trainer for DOW3 and that game was pissin me off to get through. You guys could also put some plugs into your web page for paypal donations. Ask for 1 or 3 bucks like wikipedia, who knows, it could be a little tip jar.