Infinity trainer causing micro-stutter in games

Can’t quite put my finger on when it started happening. A few updates ago maybe.

Anyway, the trainer used to work flawlessly as I imagine it does for everyone. However since a recent update (unsure which) I am seeing micro-stutter in-game. It’s a noticable difference.

When I am in game with Infinity enabled (cheats don’t even need to be enabled, just having the program open will do it) I see lots of micro stutter. I can alt-tab out of the game and close Infinity and return to the game where the situation is now corrected.

I have tried disabling V-sync in-game to see if that would help but it hasn’t. I am at a loss and none of my troubleshooting has yielded any significant solutions.

Specs for reference:
-RX480 8GB
-16GB DDR4

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am at a loss.

Try your antivirus?

I only use Windows Defender. Call me a nub but I’m not 100% sure or confident in how to do that.

I did add an exception for the Infinity program but that didn’t do anything.

Oh. I have no idea then.