Infinity Trouble

I’ve been using the new Infinity available only to Pro members, and it’s been acting up recently. It would start games, enable and actively use the cheats, but after a while, it would shut down and automatically close Infinity. The games this would happen to would be TES: Skyrim, L4D2, and Shadow of Mordor. Is there anything I, or the Infinity community or support, would be able to do?

You mean the remote app since thats only available to Pro members?

i believe so. apologies. I’d use the app, and given some time, everything would close automatically. whether it stop working or shut down altogether. I also have to exit and reopen the app from time to time, to update everything i suppose. maybe a refresh button is in the making?

i got the update but i can’t press on cheats do i have to do the objectives

Nvm its working now

We’re looking into this. Are you on iOS or Android?

I’m on android. I’d have assumed it will have been better. Open source and all. @frank

Which version? Android FTW

Android 7.0 Samsung Galaxy S7.

Just to be clear, the app on your phone is freezing, not Infinity on your PC, correct?

No freezing. Just auto closing.

On both pc and mobile.