Infinity will not complete the booting process``

I install infinity. turn off smart screen and it used to work but now it just spins the infinty logo forever. I think it may be the windows build as im an insider and on the latest one. Anyone else not getting the thing to work on 16215? also here is the log

DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin aurelia-templating-binding.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin aurelia-templating-binding.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin aurelia-templating-resources.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin aurelia-templating-resources.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin aurelia-event-aggregator.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin aurelia-event-aggregator.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin aurelia-history-browser.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin aurelia-history-browser.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin aurelia-templating-router.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin aurelia-templating-router.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin daringdev-storage-local.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin daringdev-storage-local.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin daringdev-storage-moment.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin daringdev-storage-moment.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin services/wemod/index.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Configured plugin services/wemod/index.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:9 DEBUG [aurelia] Loading plugin services/bugsnag/index.
vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4 Unhandled rejection Error: Cannot read property ‘enumerable’ of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘enumerable’ of undefined
at (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\browser\rpc-server.js:36:47)
at (native)
at getObjectMembers (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\browser\rpc-server.js:34:16)
at valueToMeta (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\browser\rpc-server.js:94:20)
at EventEmitter. (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\browser\rpc-server.js:387:25)
at emitThree (events.js:116:13)
at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:194:7)
at WebContents. (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\browser\api\web-contents.js:256:37)
at emitTwo (events.js:106:13)
at WebContents.emit (events.js:191:7)
at metaToValue (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\renderer\api\remote.js:234:13)
at Object.descriptor.get [as env] (C:\Users\soate\AppData\Local\Infinity\app-3.0.8\resources\electron.asar\renderer\api\remote.js:136:16)
at Object. (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/app-bundle-69dded2b5c.js:2:9862)
at Object.execCb (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:9594)
at b.check (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:3301)
at b.enable (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:6087)
at Object.enable (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:8651)
at b. (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:5944)
at file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:3:29508
at each (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:3:28983)
at b.enable (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:5444)
at Object.enable (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:8651)
at b. (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:5944)
at file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:3:29508
at each (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:3:28983)
at b.enable (file:///C:/Users/soate/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.8/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4:5444)
e.(anonymous function) @ vendor-bundle-95eb9ae702.js:4


was working fine then updated now nothing but the Infinity logo

Hey, let Infinity sit for a minute, then close and open it again.

There’s an issue with the insider build. It seems out of our control, but I will look further into it.

Well I don’t have Insider build installed but I had a netFramework 4.7 update and after the install things seem to work

I don’t think that’ll fix my problem as I stay up-to-date with like every kind of update java .net flash and hell even some various Visual Studio plugins but I’ll look and check it out

If you know anything about node js and Electron, it’s failing at accessing remote.process.env. Which is a bit absurd.

I know a little but how exactly is it a bit absurd?

That that bug exists. We’ll get it fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you Frank but I do want to update you guys on something. So I had a friend do the nicest thing for me my hard drives were crap they were not ssds they were literal HDD WD drives. She surprised me today with a 960 Evo m.2 SSD.

I just got it installed and use the Windows boot tool the media creation tool whatever the hell it’s called to make a bootable USB of Windows 10 so I can put it on this SSD. It is not on build 16215, but I did go to infinity and download it from the website and it booted f****** instantly. Excuse my language but it shocked me how fast I don’t even think a full second went by before I saw the login screen I am going to update the windows build just because I am an Insider and I take it seriously… but I think because I have it booted and running on this build it’s going to help me when it goes to the next build which it is trying to download and install 16215.

When I started having this problem it was when I erased my entire hard drive to be able to install 16215. Forgive me I have Asperger’s and sometimes it seems like I’m just talking in run-on sentences… and I also use my voice to input text as I don’t like touch screens…

Basically what I’m getting at because this is a fresh installation not directly to the current Insider fast release build available comma being the fact that it is on there and it’s booting and I’m not sitting there staring at the Infinity logo swimming around like I used to if there are any problems I will report back and then that way we will know for sure if it is the build that is causing the problems…

And if it is then I can just jump back and wait for the next one. But I really want to thank you Frank and everybody else who commented on this because I am somebody that wants to help something that I believe in and try to contribute as best as I can. I just hope and pray that what happened to open IV does not happen to Infinity and being the fact that HORIZON is still around when I first used that on my Xbox 360 I’m pretty damn confident that infinity is here to stay.

And also Frank I wanted to let you know it’s awesome that you are offering the Android app for the pro members I personally am going to upgrade my membership when I get the money because controlling Infinity from your phone is just a freaking awesome idea. But I’m one of these people I don’t really like cheating in video games unless I’ve beaten them and I’m just f****** around and having fun you know LOL…

I have a YouTube channel just so you guys are aware it’s just and then my username I will be making a video explaining about Infinity if that’s okay I’ll go ahead and do that and I’ll give you the credit Frank, but honestly you guys are awesome and I’m feeling pretty damn good right now I just haven’t tested Infinity because I had to disconnect my hard drives in order to install Windows onto the SSD and not you know have slowed conflicting speeds because there’s so many different memory blocks if I have those all of my games on Steam origin and Uplay are all on those hard drives so I’m probably going to be sitting here for about 3 hours or so waiting for everything to update but I will be making a video first and foremost when I am able to see if Infinity will work on the latest Insider preview build…

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Oh my God I cannot believe I’m back already to tell you guys. Because it literally installed all the drivers and downloaded the latest Insider build on the fast ring and I can confirm it is the build. I am already in the process of upgrading to 16193 which is the last build I was on before I started having this issue I’m telling you guys if you guys are thinking about getting an SSD the 250 gigabyte 960 Evo is so f****** worth it

Glad everything’s working for you now :slight_smile: Keep us updated on the latest insider build!

Going from HDD to SSD is amazing.