Infinity Wish List

Hi there,

Im fairly new to Infinity and I love it! The following list is of games that I would like to see someday on Infinity.

Binding of Isaac
Castle Crashers
Don’t Starve
Fallout 3/NV


What could a trainer do for bethesda games that console commands can’t?

Nothing, but its of course a bit of an personal preference if you want to look up the commands on internet or clicking one button and get your god mode.


yea but god mode is easiest command it is just “tgm”

I know, but i dont think you got the point.
Some people like an trainer more than console commands.

Me myself like the commands but i know a few people that isnt into using google everytime they going to cheat and wanting to remember the commands.

As i said above, it is a personal preference.

true i know i tend to look for commands before i start the game for the first time and it gets annoying when you forget the command

How about a Elder Scroll’s Save Editor, that can mod Xbox, xbox 360, ?xbox 1, pc, PS1 saves of Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls (Online) (Xbox 1 save).

xbox 1 is not doable especially an online game like ESO

I know, at least not right now; but may be eventually for that particular game, but the others of the elder series can be doable.

Yes other elder scroll titles are but eso never

ESO saves are saved on the servers.