Infinity Wish List

The few of us that work on Infinity have put a lot of thought into making it the program of your dreams, but we haven’t thought of everything! In fact, I don’t think anybody other than the developers has had a dream about it yet… So, we could use some help!

What can be added to or changed in Infinity to make the program easier for you to use? Right now we detect which games you have installed (including their specific versions), we show you which ones can be modded, and we allow you to customize the keyboard keys and controller buttons used to activate cheats. Infinity also allows you to mod using your smartphone or tablet. What are we missing here?

This topic is for Infinity feature ideas and requests ONLY! Do not post anything about game-specific features!

We’re looking forward to hearing what you’ve drempt up :smiley:


An option to automatically scan for running games when infinity is opened and load the trainer.

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+1. Re sizable and customizable gui. Better game detection.

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Maybe show a splash screen while infinity is loading in background so the user at least knows it is running.

And make install stub file. You know i need that

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I’d like to see the remote changed so that you can see more lines so I don’t have to scroll as much on my phone. I haven’t tried it on a tablet yet so can’t say how it looks on that.

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Good idea. We’re definitely going to add something like that in a future version. The trainer shouldn’t automatically be loaded though. Maybe a special spot in the top-left corner can be dedicated to the running game?

Resizable for viewing the keyboard shortcuts on another screen while playing a game? What would you like to be customized?

We’re going to add more support for games sold by other vendors such as GOG :slight_smile:

Most of the options will fit on a tablet’s screen. +/- buttons for zooming in and out would be a nice feature to have in the remote.

Maybe an “on or off” key to disable hotkeys. The times that I have gotten Fallout 4 and Infinity to cooperate with me, it was sort of annoying when I would Press 4 on the keyboard side to go to my “favorite weapon” that was assigned to that key and then have my speed increase by 4x and end up running around into havoc lol.
Also support the idea of a re-sizable/customizable GUI because if I’m playing in Window mode I would love to have all the hotkeys or my “favorite” hotkeys for the tool I want to use in sight opposed to having to alt-tab.

You know you can re-assign keys to your liking right ?. Instead of 4, you could have used a different key :smiley:

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Yeah. Having to scroll for some cheats is sort of annoying and for customization… mainly the colors. It’s pretty hard to see the version and last updated as it’s sort of like grey on black. Another thing that would be sort of neat is a game image indicating which game it is.


An image can be created or a picture can be used with the author’s permission.

We got copyrighted on Horizon for using box art which is why we haven’t used it here yet. Even though we do have one page now with box art.

Could always do it like how Steam does it for the grid. IIRC there’s a entire site dedicated to that.


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Add more older games, cause more ppl have the old ones (cod waw, blops2 etc.) because they’re cheaper to buy, and I also think you should add a way to submit your own trainer, so we can have more games quicker :smiley:

PS: Also add an in-game overlay with mods for that game?