Infinity's mod problem in Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Whenever i open BPS and connect it to Infinity, then try to use a mod, BPS almost immediately shuts down. It might be because of my mediocre laptop, but BPS runs pretty well by itself. I have no idea what’s going on with it. :frowning:

@winkyfaceh3h3 a few things.
1: did you start borderlands the presequel, launch infinity and click play?
2: What antivirus are you using?
3: did you also try launching infinity and then click play and let infinity launch the game?

I have let Infinity start it and I have started it myself, both times it connected. I’m using Norton Security.

@winkyfaceh3h3 two ways you can do this, add infinity to norton security’s exception list or completely disable norton security / av.

Ok, thank you @MichaelSteven

@winkyfaceh3h3 your welcome, either post here if you are still having an issue or you can pm me. Be more then happy to help.