Infinty 2.0 & Windows 10 creators update

I have a serious issue regarding Infinty and it has happened since the lastest update to windows 10, when I run infinity no window opens, the app is running and using resources, so I believed it may have been something to with my multi monitor setup so I tried using the keyboard shortcut to move the window but my mouse just moves to the top left of my main screen with nothing to grab etc. This problem never occurred before and I dont know what to do.

Steps I have taken to try and resovle the issue:

  1. Uninstalled & Reinstalled infinity
  2. Cleared all registry and residual files and reinstalled again.
  3. Reverted windows back to state before update and reinstalled Infinity

None of these steps has worked or fixed it, now before the update I did use to run Infinity on my second monitor so I thought this may have caused an issue somewhere but I believe that doing a clean install should of fixed it and by clean install I do mean deleting registry components left over and any config files before reinstalling.

When you say residual file are you talking about all of the files in Appdata? I’m on the newest update with 3 monitors and have no issue with it. Another option is to try the V3 beta Infinity 3 Public Beta Out Now! 🔥