Infinty Launcher & Dark Souls 3

This is a problem with the Infinity app aswell as problems with the game

What is the game source: Cracked
Game version : 1.12 (The Ringed City DLC update)

First off, thanks for all the trainers and hacks all in one place, such an awesome idea and it works (sort of)

Problem 1 - Souls doesn’t add 5000, it only adds 1000
Problem 2 - While trainer is active you cant upgrade any stats, you can spend the souls and finalise but when you go back to the game your stats are back to what they were.
Problem 3 - Can’t rebind any cheats as soon as I click them it changes to [APPS] where [F1] etc should be and then no matter what key or controller button I press the cheat activates (so running around, hitting an enemy gives souls).
Problem 4 - Pressing [Delete] does not reset the bind it just activates the cheat

Thanks for reading this, I did try searching for a fix to the rebind issue but all that worked was completely removing Infinity and reinstalling once i’d cleaned up the registry as well.

@STN Is DS3 updated to 1.12?

Sorry Yes its fully patched to 1.12 the post ringed city patch, I will update to 1.13 when the patch comes available. Game runs fine, DLC works and ive ran the game without the infinity launcher to see if my save file was bugged and it let me level up fine even my 5 free levels from the hag worked aswell wheras they didn’t before. So its definitely a problem with the trainer it even occurs before activating any cheats. The trainer worked perfectly fine on update 1.08/1.09 but since installing the ringed city it doesnt work :frowning :frowning: