Infinty stopped working today. All games

Hi gang. I’ve been enjoying using Infinity across ME3 and Andromeda, Fallout, Far Cry, L4D etc.

All was working fine up until this morning. Now I cannot enable cheats on any game.
The app launches, and will launch a game, but I’m unable to activate anything in game.

Windows 10
I use Kaspersky. Up till now I left it running with no trouble. I turned it off just but still not working.

I deleted and reinstalled Infinity- no change.

Do the cheats stay blue or they turn themselves off after turning on?

I’ve not noticed? I turn them on in game via the hot keys. No sound when I hit, say F1, and no change in game.

Alright, try deleting the cache and reinstalling infinity then. Cache is in %appdata%/daring development/infinity

If that doesn’t work, its your antivirus deleting some files.

Cleared cache- turned off antivirals. No change

Antiviruses have recently started picking up infinity as suspicious (Bitdefender, malwarebytes etc) and the solution that worked for a few people was
a) adding infinity folders and game folders to their AV’s exception list (it worked because AV didn’t delete infinity files/just blocked it)
b) deleting infinity’s cache then reinstalling infinity from scratch (it worked because AV deleted vital infinity files for monitoring hotkeys etc and a re-install repaired those files).

The trainer you mentioned (at least those made by me) are all up-to-date so they are not the issue. Infinity isn’t the issue either because it works for hundreds or i don’t know thousadnds? of users each day so it’s something on your system.

You have to figure that out yourself, my guess is some of infinity files are deleted so it can’t function properly or they are blocked.
Cache - C:\Users\STN\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development\Infinity
Install - C:\Users\STN\AppData\Local\Infinity

Add those to your AV too, delete those folders and reinstall infinity. I am not sure how i can help further but i explained the whole issue.

I appreciate the help so far.
For the record, I have Infinity whitelisted in Kaspersky, and Kaspersky confirms it’s :trusted". I’ve no other defense programming running.

I just scrubbed any/all folders related to Infinity off my system and did a clean install. Still not working.

From my system logs, the only thing that changed in the past day from working/to not was updating Nvidia drivers. Any chance the driver would be a problem? I can’t imagine.

Okay. Try to rebind the hotkeys, does it autobind to some key?

Solved it— turned out the keyboard driver was borked. Updated it and now working… obscure.