Injecting a Terraria all item save

Hello I’m trying to inject a file into my usb for terraria the file is a .wld file and i can’t inject because it is and invalid stfs
file.I wanted to know if anyone knew how to convert the .wld file to a valid stfs package. I’ve tried looking it up but nothing ive found pertains to my problem.
If anyone can help me please respond.
im using xbox 360
the world version is 1.2 :thumbsup:

Open 1 of your own Terraria saves in Horizon or make a new one for this attempt, click on the Contents tab, you will see a file inside, replace that file with the All Items save you downloaded, now use the Save Rehash & Resign button. That should be all that you need to do to use the save.

can anyone post a link for a new xbox all items map?

Maybe this one?

And don’t hijack a thread next time, simply start your own. Have a good day.

oh dopeeee. you shared the link to my map haha