Injecting Games onto a USB

So yeah, kill me for I am a noob, well not really, just new to this, So i downloaded a bunch of torrents, they usually work via iso extractor by somski, paste in a Usb and copy onto HDD via FSD 3. But the new torrents don’t work this way, like fifa 15 and grid autosport. so please, anyone, help me as to how to inject them onto my usb and then copy them to my Xbox HDD. I DESPERATELY WANT TO PLAY THESE

P.s when i extracted the above mentioned games throught their Iso’s. they gave an error to download game again as it was unreadable. HELP ME PLISS

It doesn’t work that way. You need a RGH/JTAG to play downloaded games.

Kind Sir, thankyou for replying, I do have an rgh/jtag xbox.

Okay, never mind that last problem. I injected the usb, i was going to ask how to permanently move the game onto my hdd but never mind. It’s giving the same error as it was giving when i simply used the iso extractor and played through default.xex. The game is not readable, download it again… Now tell me how to fix this problem. I have FSD 3, Xbox dash is 16203. And i have no clue to what might be doing this to my game… The torrent is good, top seeded, pretty much everyone saying its working and stuff… :anguished:

We are on dash 16767

Yeah I know, I was thinking about updating to it but felt that theres no use as such to it since its a dash upgrade, or does it add some other features as well?

Really the last big update in my opinion for the 360 was making some of the streaming apps free without gold, the most recent update just did some behind the scenes stuff. I wouldn’t bother updating to be honest.

That’s what i thought, Why would i want a fancy dash? I’m here to play games not ogle at avatars and bright colors. Thank you sir for at least clearing my dilemma whether to update or not

Never mind, updated dash, everything works