Injection a Save bug

I got this error while trying to inject a savegame into my usb : it says " an error has a occured while injecting if you see a developer tell him this value was either too small or too large for a Ulnt 32" and yes it use said “too” , it told me to tell an administrator so posted it here xPthis was after trying to inject a modded just cause 2 save

lol i got that same error 20 minutes ago

how did you solve it?

did you try and close Horizon and re-open it?

yes , and it seems its only with the just cause 2 save because it game me a error for it only

Oh I had just tried to put a .bak file in the device explorer, dragged the wrong file:lol:

Post the save, even though I’m pretty sure the problem is with the device.

heres the download to the save JustCause2Save00.sav

the save may be corrupt and/or have been corrupted during modding. the best option may be to get a clean save and then try what u did again… like a brand new no progress one. if that doesn’t work then its something wrong with horizon

I don’t think the save being corrupted would affect how the file gets to the device. It seems to be the code in the inject button or the device.

just tryin to help lol its 12:56 i cant think of many good things

Save looked clean, I don’t see anything wrong with the values looking at the save since it’s not past 2,147,483,647.

Are you injecting it from the desktop? or straight from the Device Explorer.

from my desktop

Did you reload the USB? Try taking it out and plugging it back in. If that fails then try deleting the gamesave on the USB and injecting it again.

If the save is clean, For sure, dont really need to Use a new clean save, but probably worth a try.
Have a go at these:

  • Recover Profile
  • Rehash and resign
  • Delete Modded Profile and Copy Backup Profile, Re-mod
  • Did you Hex edit? Was there a Mistake?
  • Run as Admin
  • Delete Horizon, Re-download from [XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon](
  • Open Task Manager, Go to Processors and than find Horizon, Its memory should be around 30,000 to 50,000K
  • After Doing a mod, Go to your avatar, than save it. To sync with Xbox live.

Some are Irrelevant, yes, but its straight out of my Horizon Support doc. Was going to release a little while ago, But cccodyyyy and Tobesweet did one. So i wont bother