Hey guys, I thought I would just show you this cool site I found. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. It’s honestly quite fun! The game is called InnaWoods. The game is about creating a loadout, so to speak. Weather it be a loadout for the apocalypse or for a war, It’s your choice. I think this was for a RPG game. But, I guess the game was never finished. Nevertheless, I think this fun to use your imagination and the items provided to make the ideal soldier or survivor that can face whatever is thrown their way. You’re probably thinking, “This guy is wasting his time on something so insignificant.” But, once you play around with it for a bit, you’ll soon find it’s more fun than you think. insert that’s what she said joke here Here is a loadout I made.

You basically select items from the corresponding tabs to the right and drag them into the interface just to the left. This game doesn’t limit you, much. There are certain items into certain slots. For example, you can’t put a pistol in the hat slot. This is the basic, blank interface.

As you can see, like I mentioned before, there are tabs with items corresponding to the tab i.e. Candy Bar in the Food tab. This game isn’t really that serious, there are some pretty ridiculous possibilities with the items allowed. Try it out here:
Have fun guys!
If some of the images don’t show up, that’s because I couldn’t click on the Link or Image buttons on the Ribbon. Sorry, I’m a n00b. :laughing: