Installation failed

After the installer downloaded the required files it just says there was an error and tells me to check the log. Did check but at first glance cannot determine what the problem is.

Maybe an admin can take a look?

SquirrelSetup.log (42.6 KB)

Btw, I already deleted the Infinity folder located at %appdata% just to make sure that doesn’t get in the way…

What anti virus software do you use? Try temporarily disabling it.

Just tried it, did not work :frowning:

Also, i had Infinity installed on my PC, and today I noticed that the Desktop app was not there anymore and the program was gone. Come to think of it it might be the AV, but I turned it off so idk.

Yep it is my stupid AV. Gimme a sec, I have to see how to get past it.

@frank can you tell me where the installer ussualy DLs files by default? Even with the AV off it still fails.

Bitdefender isn’t being very nice to Infinity right now. I’ll have to contact them again.

Infinity installs to C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Infinity

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So I’ve had countless tries to no avail, I turned off literately everything in BitDefender, I whitelisted the installer and excluded the DL and installation folder from any sort of scans. Gimme a shout if you solve anything with BitDefender admins if possible.

uninstall bitdefender install infinity and start using it

Nice joke. I am not uninstalling BitDefender. It is annoying sometimes but it is the best AV out there. Not to mention the pain of uninstalling it, it isn’t like your regular program you know… . There is no program worth deleting my AV for. So if Infinity (or any other program for that matter) cannot work around BD, especially when it’s fully turned off, than I think I can manage without it, as much as it might seem I can’t.

Bitdefender black listed infinity soo… Will have to wait or something
Frank sent them an Email nothing heard back yet

Bit defender the best out there? Uhhhhhhh sure I’ll let you believe that.
You said it yourself it’s not a regular program. It stays active even if you try to deactivate it and blocks a lot of things that are not harmful in any way. Also uninstalling is as easy as with any other software

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I admitted it sometimes gets in the way. As far as regular trainers go, a simple switch off does the trick, so it is not that hard to go around it. And yeah, check the stats, it is the best. Also it does not just uninstall, I’ve done it once, and there is a reason they made a special uninstaller just for it.

I hope you guys can manage something with the BD team. It seems they blacklisted Infinity in the past week, since mine got deleted ~3 days ago.

Checked the stats. Still not the best. It’s good no doubt about that but not the best.
I have no av never had one and my pc never got infected. Some common sense is the best av out there.
And well BD needs to do something not Wemod. They blocked it and are not responding to emails.
They screwed up by blocking something unharmful in any way

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Idk what BD team or Infinity team did, or it it’s just my PC after these days, but infinity is working again. Installed with no problems even with BD full on. So yey, i guess :smiley: