Installing files for Adobe Master Collection

Hey there everyone. I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything on here, but with a 2 year and 8 month old baby that I have to help take care of, I really do not have a lot of spare time, if any at all. But I am not here to talk about that. I need some help.

So I recently downloaded the Adobe Master Collection because I am going to be doing a lot of editing. The instructions seem simple enough, but I am running into issues at every turn and it is really starting to frustrate me. So I need someone who has been on this site for a long time, and I am not talking about 6 months, I am talking about someone who has been on this site since the XboxMB days, to teamview with me and not infect my computer to get these files installed properly, or at least show me what I need to do in order to get them installed, that would be great. I don’t have anything to offer in return, but I figured since I used to be a regular on here, someone who has seen me on here frequently in the past, would be so awesome as to help me out.

I hope everyone is having an awesome time, regardless of what time it may be for you, as it is 1:34 am where I am at.

Bankai Phoenix

So you need to install a cracked version of Adobe Master Collection?
Can you show me the instructions for installing?

These are the instructions, they don’t really say much of anything really.

Seems easy enough, but where does your problems start.
Is there any problem when you try to run the patch or something?
Do you get any error?

I will be honest with you precise, I have never installed cracked software, so I have no idea what I am doing.

I see, mostly what you see in the install info is installing every disk after each other.
Then when all the installs are done you need to swap out the original files with the cracked once.
And that is done throught the “adobe.snr.patch-painter.exe”

Are you sure you select the right directory when ypu are doing the patching?

Im on a business trip and half meetings most of the day, so i dont think i would be able to help you over TeamViewer.

I install cracked programs like this often. Sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to get them working, but I usually have success. PM me a link to the torrent and I’ll see what I can figure out for ya. I don’t teamview, but if I can’t help you through messaging maybe I’ll set it up to help you.

I literally just woke up so I’m only like half alive at the moment and this might not make proper sense. When it says to patch something with the file from the crack folder try this. Open the crack folder, find the file it’s asking for and right click on it and choose copy, now go to you’re C drive and find the folder that that step is asking you to apply the patch/crack to. I’ll use step 5 as an example. Go to your C drive>Program Files>Adobe> Now when you get to the Adobe Animate CC 2015 Folder don’t open it, hover over it and right click on it and choose paste, it will ask you to confirm and or if you want to replace the file in the destination. Yes to confirm and Yes to replace.

Try that and let us know if it helped.

Hey hey, my main man steve, good to see you. So if you have an iptorrents account, it will be here at this link: Otherwise, you will need to sign up for an account and I can help you out with that with an invite. I hope you can at least help me figure it out.

I have an account at IP but it’s not letting me log in. When I tried to reset my password it said my email was no good or something like that. Guess I got kicked off. I never used it anyway. I’ll look for the same torrent elsewhere. Try what I suggested in my last post for now.

Same here, think they delete inactive users.
Ive not been in on a long time.

But i believe you can use the torrent or magnet link to download the files. As long @Phoenix get that for you.

How would I get the magnet link?

Before I even download it tell us what part you’re stuck on. The instructions seem pretty clear as what to do.

But I do know about being stuck and having no clue what to do. I was new to this stuff not that long ago myself.

I have gotten it for the most part I think. It is the patching part I am having a problem with. While waiting for you guys to respond, I have been toying around with my computer trying to figure stuff out and I have been in contact with the uploader and he has told me of a program called powerISO that should allow me to make multiple drives for the different discs.

If you fool around with it for long enough you’re bound to figure it out. That’s how I learned, with the help of Google and Youtube videos of course. PowerISO will let you use virtual drives to mount the discs.

What do I do for step 6?

Run the .exe it says run, and select either folder/file to match which ever your OS is 32 or 64.