Installing problem

I Installed it then I tried uninstalling it because of the search box I didn’t remove the search box so I deleted the folder harrison was in and it didn’t uninstall so then I found where the folder for it was and I uninstalled it and then when to install horizon again but it doesn’t install now so how do I fix it to make it install?

Hello, i have a little difficulty to understand but try the following, so im gonna respost this i posted so time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

**Solution 1)**What antivirus you guys have? i reccomend to turn it off , Avast for example has caused the issues.

Solution 2) Try the solution posted by @DiamondM0dder, just follow this link
–> Error message upon trying to open <–

Solution 3) Download the latest version of Horizon, unistall the one you have and download and install following the next link –>

Disclaimer -> I dont use Horizon, so all my solutions are like more than noob attemps to help you.