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Installing Version Guard

Hello I am still having iERROR [native] VersionGuard::Install:28 failed.
0 {“msiErrorCode”:1603,“ClassName”:“Zc”,“Message”:"Fatal error during installation."ssues with installing Version Guard this is the error code I am receiving.

Is this happening when you are loading WeMod? Or trying to play a game? if possible, can you provide screenshots of this happening?

My whole process with the error on the log file at the end. This also with a fresh clean delete of all files and fresh uninstall also a new install trying to figure out how to install WeMod into another storage device.

Try installing WeMod onto a USB then run it. If it works then that means a file is corrupting the install on your PC. Make sure all folders in the C:\Users\YOURUSERHERE\AppData\Local\WeMod folder are deleted after uninstalling then reinstall from the site. For good measure, disable your AV too.

Yeah so I have done what you said on different hard drives and usb and still having same issue not sure what it is. I am running 4 different hard drives with each one having different games on it because of ssd and space.

I have never seen anyone have this problem before probably something for @frank to look at

Definitely something for @frank to take a look at.

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