Instant 15TH gpd working NEW LINK (sticky thread taken down)

start up multiplayer you will get 15th and 1,000,000 cod points.


DRUNKSMODS 41560855 (1).gpd

hey everybody sorry about the drunksmods part but thats the only one i could find just ignore it and enjoy the GPD


  • open profile in horizon >.<
  • hit file contents
  • find .gpd that matches modded one
  • right click on it
  • and replace it
  • then rehash and ressign

or somebody can re upload and post the new link too =)

omg โ€ฆ POST A TUT!!! kids do not understand this.

I might have to try this out on my backup account


Take it down before it gets patched nuff nuff

How about, Do not sign into xbox live with the modded acc until in multiplayer lobby.

ok i did the mod but how do i edit cod points in Xero there is nothing in xero that does that

it will be patched anyway

Iโ€™m guessing it was taken down cause it just leads to insta bans

you have to do that yourself. (delete it or make the number smaller)

no it wont, it get patched thanks to idiots like you reposting mods

this ****en site is becoming another

Ooooh, so youโ€™re saying if someone has the file from a post, they would look and find nothing, and post it thinking theyโ€™re the first one?!?

Let people do what they want.

I dont even know why I bothered this community.

how do i make the number smaller if there is no setting to change it or do i delete the GPD i seem like a n00b but i havent modded in awhile

I swear this site is getting more like All they do is post the same thing 100+ times on different websites.

Nice this worked im 15th but the cod points never go down

do it work?

yes it works

This should be closed. Itโ€™s only creating problems and nobody can confirm this anyways. Probably gets you banned too.