Interested in learning how to mod/make trainers

hello everyone, im interested in learning how to mod games, and perhaps create a trainer or possibly a small mod for a game. I have a bunch of free time, and a bunch of games, although not sure what to make or what game to make something for. also, i have no experience in programming except for making an rpg maker game (about 3-5hours playthrough), and that doesnt really require a lot of scripting compared to making something original, and so i havent learned a whole bunch. are there anyone who are interested in teaching away stuff? I’m not a super fast learner, moderate id say, but i usually get pretty good at things im interested in :stuck_out_tongue:

plz post back if anyones interested. PS: i know i can watch youtube videos and such about it, but i don’t really get started by doing that so id like to get some help to start off. - Sincerely Kalfax.

Trainers and traditional mods are completely different for the most part. I say we figure out which one you want to learn first. Trainers edit the game’s memory to patch functions that, for example, deplete health or ammo. Mods are direct edits or extensions of the game’s files on the hard drive that have endless possibilities of customization.

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I’d like to learn both, but maybe the easiest or fastest one to learn first to get a good start :smile:

Modding depends a lot in the game, i manage to mod Skyrim and found it was rather easy (changing weapon stats and making uniques) ,more with the help of the Creation Kit, that tool is free and can be found on steam, also there are a bunch of great tutorials about it.

ps: (this is where i took some knowledge)

cool ill check it out.

I would like to know how to code Trainers. Cheat Engine is not really the best for it or?
How to find HP or ammo for all weapons?

I think you find addresses by tracking changes.

Is there no other way?

I don’t know. Do some research.

Cheat engine is fine but you need to learn something like C++ if you don’t just want to make cheat tables. Finding HP/Ammo can generally be done by just searching for value changes. Sure there are other ways to do it without a debugger but you are going to have to know assembly very well and understand how memory works.

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tyvm for the info. Looks like i have to do something now xD

Most trainers edit the game’s CPU instructions (the exe) while it’s running. For example, there can be instructions to decrease your ammo when you shoot your gun, but you can overwrite those instructions with ones that don’t do anything; essentially giving you unlimited ammo. That’s why learning assembly (the instructions) is key because you can see how the game works.

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