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Introducing Version Guard

Version Guard lets you run older versions of your games while trainer creators work on updates. This way there’s no downtime between forced game updates and enjoying mods :+1:

Check out our Medium post for an introduction.

We’re in the final stages of internal beta testing, so keep your eyes peeled for Infinity 4 :slight_smile:


@frank sweet thank you very much.

I have a question about Version Guard and that is if you turn it on right now will you have all the old Updates right away?

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Hi, there! Any updates on Infinity version 4 and Version Guard? Sounds like a really neat feature! Really looking forward to this so that STN and her team can build an update for Portal Knights.

Side note: I’m a programmer with a BSci in Game Programming. Need any help? :slight_smile:

shame it doesn’t work for plague inc…