Introducing WeMod 7

WeMod 7 is here!

Pro members were given early access, and thanks to them we got a bunch of bugs fixed.

What’s new?

  • Simple, clean app design
  • New transparent queue system in place of old voting system
  • Get email notifications when cheats are updated or released
  • Bitcoin now accepted for Yearly Pro!
  • Adjust cheat sound volume in app settings
  • Navigate the app while cheats are running
  • Help us fix bugs by submitting feedback after using cheats
  • Many performance and stability improvements

What’s this about WePoints and votes?

The old voting system has been replaced. Please refer to the following support articles:

What happens to games I already voted for?

The top-voted games were queued for release, and the votes you spent on other games are in the process of being refunded to you as boosts.

Thank to all that helped test this release to get it out the door!


Frank you MVP, you and Chris are true poggers, much appreciated! <3


Thanks so much for all you do!

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Frank your hard work paid off!


thank. you. god.

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This is awesome, thank you for your work I appreciate it! I am wondering if I have to remove the old wemod to make work the new one, because it still show me the last version!

I would take it to the topic split about 3 messages above.

Thanks guys. Thank you for all the hard work. Shoutout to Mr.Antifun! thas muh boi yo!
And to all of the WeMod staff!! Love you guys!!!

Super excited!!!

Nice work!
This looks awesome

Some codes are not changing in the pro app

When you say codes are you referring to cheats and is the trainer up-to-date?

i admit this worries me a little. how do you decide which games you really want to boost? i dont even own any on the current list, and ive been saving my points (which are now obsolete) and putting them in a specific game.

SALUDE to all of the hard work!

TINY little bug, when I booted up the beta, it said I was at 6/7 objectives, so I subscribed to your YouTube channel. Number is still at 6/7, tried closing and re-opening Wemod but it’s not changing at this time of writing.

The community as a whole decides what gets added to the queue (by following a game), then boosts are used to reorder the queue. It took a lot of points/votes for one person to influence a game on the old system.

Maybe we can give more weight to followed games of Pro members who have a lot of unused boosts :thinking: So if there isn’t a game you like in the queue, your boosts will equally “boost” all games that you’re following.

Can you provide a screenshot? I think I know what’s happening, but want to be sure.

also another thought: what about people that spent money to buy coins? are we able to buy boosts as well?

Sure! Please see attached.

From what i can see from your picture you might need to do the “Join us on Discord” for it to be 7/7 atm. The others with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube dosen’t seem to do anything to count for the 7/7.