Introducing WeMod 7

Great work guys! Wanted to say thanks for making me replay games with more fun and freedom!

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Thanks It’s working great so far, no bugs on my end!

Hey guys this preview is working great and no bugs encountered so far.

But is it possible to make it easier to find a button to update the game ? thank you.

The system is not going to work the same. You need to use the trainer feedback dialog that appears once the trainer has closed. If a game receives enough bad reports we will test it internally then added it to the queue at which point you will be able to boost it if you want it updated quicker.

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Awesome comrade


Thanks so much for all you do!

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I’m switching right now

Thank’s for the job you’ve done for transform gaming in:

  • not die and try again and again :+1:

=> with the keyboard smaching the screen :no_entry_sign:

Great day readers

First of all it looks amazing, second I have noticed sometimes when you use the app on your phone the trainer screen sometimes show the wrong trainer. For instance if I have Assassin’s Creed selected on the pc the app on the phone will say Rage 2 and I have to restart the phone app to show the correct trainer. Third how do you boost a trainer that is not on the top 10 list I have not seen any way to do this?

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When the final release happens we will show the top 50 (I need to double-check on that) and you will only be able to apply boosts to those.

Games that are not there will work like this: [Feedback] Boost System and Trainer Requests - #3 by frank

Sorry that that’s happening. We are working on updating the remote as soon as possible. Does this only happen when you switch trainers in the History tab?

I have had it happen through the history tab and through the right side menu. It has only happened 2 or 3 times and I will keep watching to see if I notice anything that could be the issue.

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thanks so much bros !!!

Seems to be unable to detect my running Dragon Age Origins game following the update.

Following a game update or a WeMod update?

@Sluggle voting is not really being removed it just being changed to boosting. Games with the most boosts will still be prioritized.

Oh sorry. The WeMod update. I doubt Origins is getting an update anytime soon. lol

When you say it can’t detect your game do you mean WeMod doesn’t recognize it is installed or it can’t inject? As far as I know, nothing changed that would make either of those happen.