Introducing WeMod 7

@Gesriagne is correct, the last objective is to join our discord. The 3 social media activities no longer count toward the objective.

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I agree that it’s annoying. Maybe it can be a small toast notification at the bottom instead. I still want there to be some indication.

Going forward, there will be no way to buy boosts separately from Pro. This may change, but, admittedly, there were issues with fraudulent charges that made the system difficult to regulate. Like people buying a ton of points, voting, cheats being created, then the payments refunded.

Dang. Thank you for that context, hope those other options get removed soon. I know of course nothing malicious or intentionally misleading was done, but it is a bit misleading to have those options there when they don’t count, because without that context anyone looking at that would assume any of those would count towards the seven count.

Great stuff, Thanks guys!

Cant wait! Thanks team!

When the sidebar is minimized, can we change/modify which games appear? Currently it shows the top5 Most played by all members. I would like to change it to show which games I have installed.


It will automatically change to your most recently played games.

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I keep getting an error when i try to install this. Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Hey @Iccyblu3. :slight_smile:

That type of error is typically caused by your antivirus.
Turn it off. Download WeMod. Then add WeMod as an exception before running it.
Some useful info can be found in this thread: BitDefender - #17.

Looks awesome guys, looking forward ot release :slight_smile:

Great work guys! Wanted to say thanks for making me replay games with more fun and freedom!

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Thanks It’s working great so far, no bugs on my end!

Hey guys this preview is working great and no bugs encountered so far.

But is it possible to make it easier to find a button to update the game ? thank you.

The system is not going to work the same. You need to use the trainer feedback dialog that appears once the trainer has closed. If a game receives enough bad reports we will test it internally then added it to the queue at which point you will be able to boost it if you want it updated quicker.

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Awesome comrade


Thanks so much for all you do!

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