Introducing XboxMB's Partner Program!

Its still not working for me!
It says "Invalid Page Specified"
Please Help!

EDIT: Doesnt Matter now! Applied!


Maybe I can get this, who knows?



I applied!

Don’t say you wont get it. That will just hurt your chances.

I applied i hope i get in and anyone else who applied :smile:

APPLIED :open_mouth:

Zrueda, thank you for this opportunity :smile:

applied :heart:

I am tired of applications. What’s the point?

I know you said Forum, but what about just a normal website?

Brett Varah

Would that be good enough? :smile:

I applied like 2 hours ago <3

I applied but my youtube is not that good. D:

I applied. Also, Jesus, who knows…it gives me something to do. I know that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here :confused:

I have nothing, no forum, and my youtube is BS.

Add a third on to that list.

Good luck to everyone who applies!
I would love to get this, but we will see. :smile:

I thought I had a chance but then I looked at Elliots youtube.

Elliot has worked hard and has a huge Youtube, you don’t necessarily need that much!
If you think you can help spread the word and help out. Apply for it!

If i get this i will feed you my nipple sauce with a baby spoon.

Applied. Hoping to get it since my site is new and just starting off. Hopefully be considered. Good luck everyone.