Introduction - iiSidney

Hiya everyone!

I’m iiSidney, real name Lorenzo, currently 19 years old (turning 20 in 5 days, heh).

The reason I havent written this before is basically because I honestly do not post that much, nor am I good at writing introductions, but I’ll try.

I’m basically a hobby gamer with 10 years of Moderation and Administration experiences on different online gaming platforms. Besides that, I used to work as a bouncer in the weekends or at events such as parties. I just get hired where an extra hand is necessary nowadays. Besides that, I am a Ethical Hacker on the beginners level (Can’t continue, nor get a CEH due to the price, total package costs around 10-15K Euro (Around 11-16K USD)

I strive to create a helping hand in the best way I can, help where help is necessary but on the other hand stay in the background and observe. Members who require direct assistance can always send me a message, I’ll answer but I will not directly contact you without a reason.

Furthermore, I don’t really know what to say. If you would like to know more about me or my experiences, don’t hesitate to hit me up with a message!

As for a note to the Staff, I love what you guys do.

Thanks !! =)


Ayyo! Hey we have the bouncer past in common, but i used to be in the reciving end of the bouncing hehe
Late welcome then mate.


Haha, thank you! =)

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nice to meetcha, what does an ethical hacker do exactly? ^^

@Kalfax - Mainly Pen testing.

ahh, cool! :smiley: companies hire u for that then?

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

Indeed, companies pay e-security companies (?) or freelance guys to test their security and list the weaknesses and that, where i live companies sometimes hire two services at the same time for maximum effect, usually the list of weaknesses go over 100 items in big companies (to say a number). They dont work from monday to friday, but when they do they get a juicy check. :sunglasses:

Sounds like a brainy and fun work.

G’day and welcome mate…

I hope that you enjoy your stay with us, don’t be shy.


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Welcome :smiley:
We already wrote a bit over discord nice to see an Introduction from you :smiley: Have fun here with the bunch of lads and laddies that are around :wink:

In my case, no. I’m still beginning to learn, but I have had one successful pen-test on a website, ofcourse, with their knowledge.

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that still pretty cool though :smiley: I’ve been recently learning some coding while working on developing a game ^^ its lots of fun. its fun to learn new things :smiley:

That is an interesting field to get into. I didn’t know you could study for that.

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@STN - An Certified Ethical Hacker is basically at the top of the ICT world.

An Ethical Hacker basically does what a Black Hat does but for good purposes. So they think as Black hats, what would they do to infiltrate the system, then when they found possible leaks they close them again.

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